I’m Danielle

I’m an Akashic guide and spiritual mentor for women. I help you remember the truth of who you are and connect back to your innate soul gifts + wisdom, lean into trust with your intuition and lead with that in your soul-led legacy business in this life.  

I’m a certified Soul Coach, Akashic Women’s Guide, Relational Leader and Reiki Healer. I weave in elements of Human Design, Astrology and Somatics to deepen with my clients as they build wildly abundant and magnetic businesses THEIR way, in alignment with their energy and expression.

my jam is holding sacred, safe space for your evolution along your soul path, and it’s truly what I’ve been put here to do


Danielle Venables is a certified Flower of Life™ Advanced Akashic Women’s Guide, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Business Coach for New Paradigm Leaders. She is the founder of the Radiant Soul brand, host of the Return to Radiance podcast and co-creator of the Priestess Within Membership.

She works with clients on a soul-somatic level to create shifts at the level of identity and bring through and liberate each woman’s unique essence. She does this by clearing out expired and outdated karmic patterns that are standing in the way of their soul’s mission, expression and evolution in this lifetime through the Akashic Records.

Danielle holds women as they reclaim the parts of themselves that they’ve turned off, repressed and buried in exchange for acceptance and safety in the world, and untangles the conditioning and soul level blocks that are preventing her fullest expression of desire, impact and influence.

She weaves this unique, soul-led approach with her business expertise to help clients create businesses that are in true alignment and feel expansive, authentic and sustainable. Her radical approach to conscious leadership is shaking up the business world as she hands women the keys to their own quantum success instead of subscribing to an outsourced, follow-the-leader power differential in client-mentor relationships.

When she’s not soul-deep in client work, you’ll find Danielle hiking with her husband, kids and dogs, enjoying her homestead oasis, or building some new, crazy addition to her chicken coop. She lives in the abundant farmlands of northern BC, Canada, and spends summers in the heart of the Shuswap in vacation mode, soaking in the freedom of following her dreams.

If you’d like to explore her work, go check out her podcast, Return to Radiance, available on all major podcast platforms, or visit the links below.


I am an Aries sun, Aries moon and Sagittarius rising (with my Mars and South Node also in Aries).

Needless to say, I’m a bit of a fireball.


I am a 1/3 sacral generator. According to my gene keys…

My Life’s Work – what I’m here to do:

As one of the most mutative people on the planet, you are someone who can have an enormous effect on your environment. To be mutative means to remain ever open to new innovations that add to and improve existing systems. It is critical that you never allow yourself to get bogged down with too much structure or organisation. There is a force within you whose natural urge is to expand beyond structures, although this does not mean that you shouldn’t use them as a means to propel yourself forward.

You are a natural synthesiser who is always striving to attain higher levels of integration in everything you do. No single aspect of life is of real interest to you – rather your life’s work could be summarised as the pulling together of all the many strands that you have collected and moved through.


GENE KEYS: My Purpose.

If you fulfil your Life’s Work, your true purpose will become clear. You are here to make people laugh. You are here to stir people’s hearts and perhaps make them cry. You are here to share the huge variety of your interests and wisdom. You are here to remind people that life is rich if you know where to look. You are here to remind people that life is short, and they can seize the day as you have always done. You are a rare example of someone who is a master in the art of living. If you live out this archetype, then everyone you touch will experience the loosening of their own seriousness, and thereby lessen the severity of their own suffering. In order to truly fulfil your life’s purpose, you must come to the natural realisation that you have no purpose other than this!


I live on an acreage in northern BC with my husband, kids, dogs and chickens. Our goal is to be as self-sustaining and connected to the abundance of the earth as possible.


I got married in Dawson City, Yukon, a small little gold rush town with boardwalks, dirt streets and a cancan bar that will forever have a place in my heart. My first official document with my married last name was a certificate for “kissing the toe” at the local tavern after our wedding ceremony.


I’m an animal lover with close ties to many animal rescues across BC and Alberta. All 3 of our dogs came from rescues, as did my horse. I’ve fostered and found homes for many dogs and cats, and recently spent 3 whole days in -30 weather catching a dog that was running loose on the highway near my house (he went to a great home with a vet assistant).


I am a catalyst for the transformation of paradigm leaders, empowering them to align with their authentic purpose, amplify their influence, and create a lasting legacy. Drawing upon the profound wisdom of the akashic records, I liberate them from the constraints of their past lives and guide them towards a deeper connection with their truth, mission, and expression. Through spiritual and energetic guidance, I help them reclaim their power and unleash their full potential, as we co-create custom, aligned strategies that elevate their impact and income. Together, we forge a path towards sustainable success, fueled by the frequency of their creations and grounded in the power of their legacy.




Are you ready for soul-somatic level shifts to bring through your unique essence by clearing out outdated karmic patterns that are standing in the way of your soul’s mission?
Are you ready for expression and evolution in this lifetime through the Akashic Records? 

I am here to help you create a business that is in true alignment and feels expansive, authentic and sustainable.


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